Best 50-gallon gas water heater 2023

Are you in need of a 50-gallon gas water heater and don’t know where to start? We’ll help you find the best one for your needs. You won’t have to worry about having insufficient hot water for long showers or loads of laundry any longer, with our comprehensive buying guide. Read on and make a wise purchase!

Best 50-gallon gas water heater 2023

  1. A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Water Heater
  2. Reliance YRVIT Water Heater
  3. A.O. Smith XCR-50 Water Heater
  4. Bosch ES50T Water Heater

1)AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Water Heater

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AO Smith’s GDHE-50-NG Water Heater is a great option for anyone who needs an efficient and dependable water heater. This model has a 50 gallon tank capacity, and has a cream-colored finish. The 100,000 BTU burner provides for continuous hot water supply, and the direct-vent system ensures that your home is kept comfortable.

The thermal efficiency of the heater is time-tested and proven, so you can be sure that the heater meets the highest of standards. All in all, the AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Water Heater is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a quality, reliable water heater.

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2)Rheem PROG50-42N Water Heater

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This Rheem PROG50-42N Water Heater is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized households. The unique features of this heater include its indoor setting, that makes it ideal for small spaces. The blower exhausts help with the steam and extends the life of this product. The Exclusive Air Shut-Off Device helps to ensure safety while the heater is in use and is maintenance free.

Additionally, this heater has a long-lasting tank that can provide up to 100 equivalent feet. I highly recommend this heater, it comes at an affordable price and is low maintenance. The features provide the perfect combination of convenience and reliability and make the Rheem Water Heater a great choice for any situation.

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3)Westinghouse WGR050NG076 Water heater

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The Westinghouse WGR050NG076 Water Heater is a great option for those looking for a top-quality water heater. It has a 50-gallon tank and is constructed from stainless steel for long-term durability. The 96% thermal efficiency ensures that hot water is provided quickly and efficiently.

The spacious 133-gallon tank is perfect for large families or for those who need plenty of hot water for household duties. The water heater has a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design that blends in well with any decor. This water heater is designed to provide the hot water you need, when you need it. With its efficient and durable construction, the Westinghouse WGR050NG076 Water Heater is a great option for any home.

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4)A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Water Heater

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A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Water Heater is a great option for hot water needs. It offers a capacity of 50 gallons which should be enough for most family sizes. The heater has been manufactured with natural gas in mind and is an ideal choice for those who want an efficient and reliable water heating solution. The unique 3-position rotatable design of the A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Water Heater allows for easy installation in different locations.

Dynaclean technology helps protect the surface from dangerous rust and corrosion. The surface igniter is activated when the temperature of the water heater needs to be adjusted and makes it much easier to make adjustments. Overall, the A.O. Smith GPVL-50 Water Heater is an efficient, reliable and durable solution to keep your home warm and comfortable.

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5)Reliance YRVIT Water Heater

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The Reliance YRVIT Water Heater is an ideal choice for a household that requires a large capacity and high performance hot water heater. Boasting of a 50 Gallon capacity, it can provide a comfortable family sized hot shower. The 120 Volts and 96 GPH ensure that users can get a consistent hot water supply whenever they need it. The 50K BTU also ensures that the water heater can efficiently and quickly heat up the required water temperature. This can help to save energy and money on bills.The water heater is also equipped with the Intelli-VentR technology.

This enables the machine to regulate its internal temperature to the optimal level, thereby providing better performance and prolonging its life. It is designed to provide a .70 efficiency, which is above the industry standard, making it a great choice for households.To summarize, the Reliance YRVIT Water Heater is a great choice for those looking for a large capacity and high performance hot water heater. With its 50 Gallon capacity, 120 Volt, 96 GPH, 50K BTU, and Intelli-VentR technology, it can provide a dependable and efficient hot water supply. It also has a high efficiency rate of .70, helping to reduce energy costs. All in all, It is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and energy-efficient hot water heater.

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6)A.O. Smith XCR-50 Water Heater

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The A.O. Smith XCR-50 Water Heater is an excellent choice for water heating needs. This natural gas water heater has a 50-gallon capacity, making it a great choice for larger households. It is made with a Blue Diamond glass coating for superior corrosion resistance, and features electronic gas controls and microprocessor technology for precise temperature control.

The heater also features A.O. Smith’s Dynaclean technology, which keeps the heating elements clean and minimizes deposits to extend the life of the unit. The convenient electronic diagnostics feature allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Overall, the A.O. Smith XCR-50 Water Heater is an efficient and reliable choice that is sure to meet all of your hot water heating needs.

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7)Bosch ES50T Water Heater

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The Bosch ES50T water heater provides great efficiency and is suitable for households of up to 4 people. With a tank capacity of 50 gallons it’s able to provide more than enough hot water to cover the needs of a standard household. The water heater is made with Bosch thermotechnology which ensures maximum efficiency and cost savings, as well as ensuring maximum reliability and durability.

It also features two magnesium anodes which help protect the tank from corrosion and extend its overall lifespan.The double heating element also ensures maximum efficiency, with an improved heat-up rate that reduces heat loss and provides hot water at a faster rate. The quick recovery rate also provides a constant supply of hot water for showering and other busy household tasks. The Bosch ES50T is an incredibly efficient water heater, saving you on your energy bill, while also protecting your tank from corrosion and ensuring a constant supply of hot water.

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Best 50-gallon gas water heater 2023-Complete Buying Guide

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As a homeowner, you may find yourself in the market for a 50-gallon gas water heater. If so, it is important to make an educated decision when selecting one to ensure that it meets your hot water needs, as well as any environmental and safety regulations applicable in your area. This guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to select the best 50-gallon gas water heater for your home.

It starts by explaining why a 50-gallon model may be ideal for some homes, then covers key topics such as energy efficiency ratings, venting options, and features. The next section of this guide provides a detailed look at popular models from leading manufacturers so that you can compare features before making your purchase. Finally, this guide will walk through the process of installing and troubleshooting common problems with 50-gallon gas water heaters. With this information in hand, you will be prepared to purchase the ideal gas water heater for your needs!

Explanation of a 50-gallon gas water heater

A 50-gallon gas water heater is a unit that works by heating water stored in an insulated tank. The gas burner beneath the tank ignites the propane or natural gas to heat the water stored within. Gas-powered water heaters heat faster, making them more efficient than electric models. However, they may use more energy in the long run while using natural gas because of their larger size and higher demand.

Gas water heaters come with either propane or natural gas, both fuels are relatively cheap with natural gas being slightly cheaper. Propane is normally used when there is not access to a natural line of fuel. Gas-powered tanks require proper venting to prevent fumes and hazardous gases from entering your home’s atmosphere. These tanks must also be installed by a certified professional who can properly install connections and vents for safe operation. As an added bonus, many 50-gallon tanks come with an energy star rating which can help save you money on energy bills over time.

Importance of choosing the right 50-gallon gas water heater

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When selecting a 50-gallon gas water heater, you should take into account several important factors. It is important to consider the water temperature specifications, cost efficiency, energy saving features, and cost of installation. Proper sizing and selecting an appropriate energy source are also important factors that need to be considered when choosing a new unit.

In addition to these factors, choosing one with the proper fuel type is crucial. Different types of gas-powered water heaters include natural gas and propane models; it will be important to understand the benefits of each type before making your decision. Other added features such as insulated tanks and multiple safety valves may be beneficial in ensuring safety and maximizing energy efficiency. Finally, researching potential warranties and customer reviews can help in assessing the overall quality of the product prior to purchase.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a 50-Gallon Gas Water Heater

When shopping for a 50-gallon gas water heater, it is important to consider the following factors so that you can find the best model for your needs:

  1. Type of Gas Water Heater: You can choose from traditional tank-style or tankless models for your 50-gallon gas water heater. Tank-style models have a storage tank that holds a certain amount of hot water, while tankless units heat water on demand without storing any in a tank.
  2. Efficiency Rating: Look for models that are certified and labeled by Energy Star; these are typically more efficient than other types and will help reduce your monthly energy costs.
  3. Expected Lifespan: The average lifespan of a 50-gallon gas water heater is 10 to 15 years if properly maintained, though some models may last longer or shorter depending on usage and quality of components. Be sure to read reviews to determine the expected longevity of specific models before making your selection.
  4. Installation Cost: Installation charges may vary depending on your location and difficulty of the job; consider this when budgeting for the purchase and installation of a new 50-gallon gas water heater unit.
  5. Warranty Period: Most manufacturers provide warranties ranging from 5 to 12 years for their products; check the terms of coverage carefully before selecting a model as some may have limited coverage or require certain maintenance requirements in order for warranty coverage to be valid.


The water heater capacity refers to the amount of water it can hold and is typically measured in gallons. For a standard family home, a 50-gallon tank water heater is the most common. The 50-gallon unit is perfect for households with up to five people, and it can provide enough hot water for the needs of showering, dishwashing, and laundry.

When looking for a 50-gallon model, be sure to pay attention to the First Hour Rating (FHR), which indicates how many gallons of hot water this unit can provide in an hour’s time. This rating will help you understand how quickly the heater can produce hot water to ensure you find the best fit for your family’s needs.


The efficiency of 50-gallon gas water heaters is measured by the energy factor (EF). The higher the EF, the more efficient the heater. The two most common types of gas water heaters are standard storage and tankless or demand-type. Both types come in a variety of sizes, from 20- to 100+ gallons.

With respect to 50-gallon standard storage tank water heaters, you can expect to see an EF rating between 0.50 and 0.70 for non-condensing models, although a few high-efficiency models reach up to 0.82 EF for select sizes and energy sources. Generally speaking, the higher the EF rating of your gas water heater, the more efficient it is at converting fuel into hot water without wasting energy.

With tankless or demand units, efficiency can vary significantly depending on the size of your household, lifestyle needs and preferences in showers or faucet use patterns as well as other factors such as incoming cold water temperature fluctuations throughout the year that negatively affect performance measurements. Generally speaking, you should expect tanks less systems with an Energy Factor (EF) rating ranging from 0.78–0.99 depending on its configuration and size requirements necessary for larger households with greater hot water needs during peak usage times like morning showers or evening dishwashing routine housekeeping tasks on weekends or holidays when everyone is home all day long!

Recovery Rate

The recovery rate of a gas water heater is an important factor to consider when buying a 50-gallon gas water heater. A water heater’s recovery rate expresses how much hot water the unit can produce in an hour. It measures, in gallons per hour, the amount of hot water the tank can provide to multiple outlets without running cold.

A high-recovery-rate model is ideal for households with multiple people showering and running appliances simultaneously. Lower recovery rates are sufficient for residential spaces with fewer hot-water demands. Look for units with a recovery rate of 40 gallons or higher if your household needs more hot water than a typical single family home.

Top 50-Gallon Gas Water Heaters of 2023

Now that we’ve discussed the different types of 50-gallon gas water heaters available and what features to consider, it’s time to look at some of the best models in the market. Here is a list of some of the top-rated 50-gallon gas water heaters of 2023:

  1. A.O Smith GPVL-50 ProMax SL Power Vent Water Heater – This efficient product comes with a 70,000 BTU/hour input and an impressive Energy Factor rating of 0.64. It has an 18 GPM recovery rate and comes with a 44 gallon First Hour Delivery capacity which ensures that your hot water needs are never neglected.
  2. Rheem Performance Platinum XG50T06PV40U0 Power Vent Water Heater – This top rated model boasts strong safety features such as a brass drain valve and thermopile powered pilot light ignition system. With an electronically controlled thermostat, this product boasts an impressive Energy Factor rating of 0.60– making it one of the most efficient 50-gallon gas water heaters currently available on the market.
  3. Bradford White RG250T6N Natural Gas Water Heater – With features such as its built-in ECO Mode, this model is both energy efficient and cost effective too! The 7 year tank warranty ensures peace of mind for all customers whilst its approximate 30000 BTU/hr input makes it suitable for residential use in most cases.
  4. Kenmore 44077 Premier Power Vent Natural Gas Tank Water Heater – This device holds up to 30 gallons within its tank and has a 6 year limited tank warranty for added peace of mind. It also offers advanced temperature control which uses dual sensors to help people maintain their desired temperature throughout their home.
  5. Westinghouse WGG205P20DF Wiring Diagram Natural Gas Condensing Tankless Water Heater – This particular model has an 11 GPM flowrate which makes it suitable for larger households where there might be multiple hot showers running at once. Not only this but it also commands an impressive 0.78 energy factor.

These are just a few examples from among dozens quality brands offering innovative 50-gallon gas water heaters for 2020. As always, when purchasing any kind of new appliance, knowledge is your best friend. Thusly, please take time out to thoroughly research each make and model before you commit to buy so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality equipment.

Overview of top models

When looking for a 50-gallon gas water heater, there are many different models to evaluate. There are several brands that manufacture this size of water heater and each has its own specifications and features. To better understand your options, take a closer look at some of the more popular models available.

The Rheem Performance Plus 50 Gal. Natural Gas Water Heater comes in both natural gas and propane models, offering one of the most reliable hot water solutions available from this leading brand. It has an energy factor (EF) rating of .67, providing up to 192 gallons of hot water for every therm used. The top-of-the-line model also offers Self Cleaning to reduce sediment build-up and help maintain efficiency levels over time. It is lightweight at just 82 lbs., allowing for secure mounting on almost any wall structure. There’s also a 12-year tank warranty with 2 additional years on parts if it’s installed in a residential setting – one of the strongest warranties in its class.

Another great option is the State Select GS640YELP 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater featuring an EF rating of .62 giving you up to 167 gallons or hot shower time per therm used – perfect for large households with high amounts of daily use. This model offers longer life thanks to self cleaning functionality while being lightweight enough for quick, secure installation anywhere – even tight spaces! Its exterior shell is designed to fit plumbing systems without having to alter existing lines and it’s backed by an amazing 12 year tank warranty as well as 4 years on parts – giving you peace of mind when it comes to service needs over the long-haul!

Comparison of features and performance

When comparing potential 50-gallon water heaters, it’s important to look beyond the specs and consider features and performance. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when determining which model is right for your home:

  • Recovery Rate/Flow Rate: Some 50-gallon models have a quick recovery rate, meaning they can heat up more water at once than others. A higher flow rate allows you to run more hot water appliances at one time without running out.
  • Energy factor (EF): This number expresses how efficient a particular model is in comparison to others. For example, a 50-gallon natural gas model with an EF of .63 can expect to use 63% less energy than those with an EF of .50.
  • Noise Level: Many water heaters tend to be fairly loud when in operation; however, some certified models are designed for extremely quiet operation or are Energy Star rated for very low noise output levels.
  • Temperature Settings: If you want complete control over your hot water supply, look for adjustable thermostats that allow you to set preset temperatures and choose from multiple pre-programmed levels. This can be helpful if different family members have varying preferences or require specific temperatures for their own use.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance requirements will vary depending on the type of heater you choose, so look for models that don’t require frequent flushing or draining, as these tend to add additional costs over time.

Pros and cons of each model

It is important to understand the pros and cons of each model before making a purchase. We have evaluated each of the models available and outlined their advantages and disadvantages below.


  • 50-gallon gas water heaters are typically more cost effective than other models, due to their larger capacity for hot water storage.
  • Gas models are capable of heating up water quickly, meaning you won’t have to wait as long for hot water to be available for showering or washing dishes.
  • With a 50-gallon capacity, you can do your laundry without worrying about having enough hot water supply.


  • Gas models require a venting system which could be costly to install in older homes or over multi story buildings.
  • These types of systems might require more frequent maintenance depending on use since they have internal components that must be kept running properly. This can also add additional cost in regular maintenance costs.
  • Because these units rely on natural gas, utility costs will likely increase during usage periods compared with electric models which use electricity more efficiently than gas models do for heating hot water.


After carefully researching the best 50 gallon gas water heater products of 2023, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Rheem Performance Platinum 50 gal. is the best value for your money when it comes to gas water heaters. It has a durable stainless steel tank and superior insulation capabilities, allowing it to run efficiently no matter what the weather or climate conditions are like in your home or business.

Additionally, this product has a higher first-hour rating than other 50 gallons models, meaning it’s able to provide more hot water per hour than other comparable models on today’s market. With its 10-year warranty and long-term cost savings due to its efficient usage of energy, you can’t go wrong with this gas water heater!


What is the most reliable 50 gallon water heater?

The most reliable 50 gallon water heaters depend on a variety of factors, including efficiency, budget, and how many people will be using it. Some of the most reliable brands for 50 gallon water heaters include Rheem, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, and Navien.

What brand of gas water heater is the most reliable?

The most reliable brands of gas water heaters include A.O. Smith, Rheem, State, and Bradford White.

Which water heater brand is best?

The answer to this question will vary based on individual needs, preferences, budget, and climate. However, some of the most popular and best-rated brands of water heaters include Rheem, AO Smith, and Navien.

What is the number 1 hot water heater?

The Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gallon gas water heater is consistently rated as the top-performing hot water heater. It is designed with self-cleaning capabilities and is capable of providing up to 98 gallons of hot water per hour.

How do I choose a good gas water heater?

When choosing a gas water heater, it is important to first decide which size and type will best fit your home and family’s needs. The size of the water heater should be based on the number of people in the house, the estimated hot water demand, and the region where you live. The type of gas water heater you choose should be based on energy efficiency, convenience, local climate, and use type (i.e. if you are primarily using it for domestic hot water or for convenience). Additionally, look for water heaters that are certified by Energy Star and/or water heater manufacturers who offer these products to ensure you are getting the most energy efficient model. Finally, research product reviews and the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer to make sure you are getting the best quality product.

How long does a 50-gallon gas water heater last?

A 50-gallon gas water heater can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years, depending on its age and the quality of maintenance it receives.

Which is the best gas geyser company?

There is no definitive answer to this question since the best gas geyser company will depend on your preferences, needs and budget. Some popular gas geyser companies include AO Smith, Racold, Havells, Crompton, V-Guard and Johnson. You could compare features and prices of each company to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

What gas water heater lasts the longest?

Gas water heaters typically last between 8-12 years, with the longest lasting between 10-12 years. However, their lifespan is dependent on many factors, including proper installation and maintenance. Select models with higher efficiency ratings and perform regular maintenance to help ensure a longer life.

What is the most common problem with a gas hot water heater?

The most common problems with gas hot water heaters involve the pilot light, faulty thermostat, broken or damaged burners, or a leak in the tank.

What is the lifespan of a gas water heater?

Depending on the type, the lifespan of a gas water heater can range from 6-12 years.

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